On the 15th July our Year 8 students took part in a Business Enterprise Day. The day was based loosely around the TV format ‘Dragons Den’.

Working in groups they were asked to come up with a product that would somehow ‘Save the Planet’.

They had to prepare a presentation about their chosen idea which included designs and how the product would be produced. They had to work out the finances, how much it would cost to make and what it would sell for. Marketing and Advertising was also considered – some groups made TV adverts, as well as posters, slogans and logos.

They then had to make their ‘pitch’ to some Business Dragons (Business people invited in from the local area).  The ‘Dragons’ had been helping the students during the course of the morning to help them with their research, give advice and to ask them some difficult questions!

There were some wonderful ideas – including a robotic ‘whale’ that sucked up plastic from the sea, ‘service stations’ for bees, solar panelled cases for phones, computer gaming consoles powered by static bikes, phone apps that helped with recycling to name but a few.

The students worked really well, it was great to see them negotiating within their teams and it was especially lovely to see students getting up and making their pitch to the whole year group – such a challenging thing to do.

Well done to A Salkend, H Kirby, F Brown and E Akrill from 8LC for being the team chosen by the Dragons as the company they would most likely invest in for their ‘Supreme, Green ‘n’ Clean’ wooden shampoo dispenser!

And a big thankyou to our Business Dragons for taking time out of their businesses to inspire future generations!

H Turton

On Wednesday 26th June, our current Year 11’s arrived at Whittlebury Hall to celebrate finishing their GCSE’s at Sponne. The evening began with students arriving in style, from classic sports cars to limousines and tractors to parent’s taxi’s! The students all looked very grown up and had certainly dressed to impress, for the Hollywood themed evening that lay ahead.

The room was decorated in classic black and gold colours, by students from the Prom committee and under the supervision of Miss Stone and Mrs Appleby and some incredibly helpful parents. The Year 11 band welcomed the students into the room with an opening set and did an amazing job at getting the night started! After a pleasant meal and lots of dancing in between courses, the DJ kicked in… this is where the real celebrations and ‘dance-offs’ commenced (!) and it was so great to see all of the students enjoying themselves. We almost needed a bigger dance floor!

Thank you to all staff for attending on the evening and joining in with the celebrations and to our photographers – Millie and Kara from 6th form and Shannon Lock (ex-student) for giving up their time. A Year 11 Prom group photo will be given to all students who attended on the night, when they collect their exam results in August. We would also like to say a huge thank you to John Anderson, (Director of Inspired design & print solutions) for kindly designing and producing the personalised wristbands, for the Year 11’s to keep as a memento from their Prom night.

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Next year's May Day bank holiday has been changed from Monday 4th May to Friday 8th May 2020 to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day. For further information please see the following news story:

Lost Souls of Auschwitz by Jacob Moreton Year 12

After a trip to Auschwitz I was inspired to create this installation, which is currently on display on our Yellow Brick Road area.
Each of my shoes represents a real person who perished at Auschwitz.
These shoes are all personalised and accompanied with a tag which summarises that individuals achievements in life and sadly how they died as a victim of the holocaust.

 DSCN4497 DSCN4497 DSCN4497

DSCN4497 DSCN4497 DSCN4497 

oxford1  oxford2

Upon arriving at St Catherine’s college, Oxford, we were greeted by a member of the Outreach and Admissions team – dedicated to opening the college up to potential applicants and showing them just why it is the largest of the colleges of The University of Oxford.

We entered a small lecture room and were talked through the application process and provided with some facts and figures related to both the college and the university as a whole. We were also given a taste of the types of questions an applicant may be asked in one of their interviews – one of the most beneficial parts of the day in my opinion as, due to only 6 students taking part in the trip, the college representative was able to listen to our suggestions of how we would answer the questions and give feedback on the sort of answers interviewers look for and prefer to hear from applicants. Two second-year students at the college also joined in at the end to answer a series of questions we had written up for them, mainly about student life at Oxford University and how they viewed the application process in hind-sight.

After the talk had concluded we were taken on a tour of the college and shown its extensive facilities, including the gym, punt house, library, common rooms and study areas, grounds and dining hall. We then stayed in the dining hall and were provided with lunch, which surpassed all expectations, before making our way back to the lecture room for a sample lecture.

The sample lecture was given by a pair of post-graduate students, each working towards a PhD in Biology, specifically related to human DNA. This session provided a helpful insight into the process of learning and applying knowledge in a lecture scenario.

All in all, the day was a great success and I and the other students present found it to be a very informative and helpful trip.

Dillon Bishop, Year 12


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