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I arranged for the talk to take place on 12th November and we invited year 11 PE students and our year 12 and year 13 students who consisted of our prefects, members of our Sixth Form Debating Society and any Sixth Form student who is interested in football.  David did a highly engaging presentation for 50 minutes which although it was centred around the theme of football, consisted of  key messages about how to be successful in life - hard work, positive attitude and keeping both your mind and body active.  We met with our students last week to draw up a list of questions for the q+a session (which lasted approx 20 mins) and David was happy to answer any questions such as 'What job would you do if you were not involved in football?', 'What has been the most difficult decision you've ever had to make?', 'how will Brexit affect football?'  David also gave copies of his DVD on the premier league entitled 'A whole new ball game' to those students who asked questions.
David was extremely engaging, humorous and very motivational and he said that his favourite thing to do in life is to talk to young people in schools to try to inspire them to be a success in the future.  Our students loved meeting David, he stayed back afterwards and had group and individual students and his comments on our students were 'that they are a credit to the school', 'their questions were excellent and better than some of those that he gets asked by the press' and that our students 'have a bright future ahead of them'.
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