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On Wednesday 13th of March a group of year 9 students attended the NEC arena for a fair based around STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). The fair included lots of different activities, stalls and shows which were easy to get involved in and very interesting.

We went off in small groups and were allowed to visit the stalls, shows and activities we wanted to participate in. The fair was divided into several different sections such as: Careers advice, trains and engineering, information on the national services and lots of other great things.

The leaders of stalls and shows were very enthusiastic and helpful to all visitors and encouraged students to engage in activities. We saw positivity in staff as a very important aspect of the fair because it made it more enjoyable and interesting for everyone. Also, every time a person completed a quiz or activity as well as more knowledge a prize could be won! Which gave students motivation to take part, examples of prizes were: pop sockets, highlighters, pens and even sweets!


Whilst enjoying all of the activities we could participate in students were also given the opportunity to go to talks, which included important topics for our generation, for example there was a talk called ‘Meet the future you’ that spoke about our futures and careers. A key aspect of the fair was to show people about the paths they could take in the STEM industries and to inspire a generation. As a part of learning about careers, we attended a stand called ‘careers advice’ in which we spoke to a very welcoming woman who told us about all the jobs we could get involved in based on the subjects we were interested in. Two of the jobs we looked into and discovered more about were Psycho-therapist and Dermatologist.

We had a great time at the Big Bang fair and recommend it to any future year 9 students who are interested careers in maths, science, technology and engineering or just have a passion for that field.

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