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Upon arriving at St Catherine’s college, Oxford, we were greeted by a member of the Outreach and Admissions team – dedicated to opening the college up to potential applicants and showing them just why it is the largest of the colleges of The University of Oxford.

We entered a small lecture room and were talked through the application process and provided with some facts and figures related to both the college and the university as a whole. We were also given a taste of the types of questions an applicant may be asked in one of their interviews – one of the most beneficial parts of the day in my opinion as, due to only 6 students taking part in the trip, the college representative was able to listen to our suggestions of how we would answer the questions and give feedback on the sort of answers interviewers look for and prefer to hear from applicants. Two second-year students at the college also joined in at the end to answer a series of questions we had written up for them, mainly about student life at Oxford University and how they viewed the application process in hind-sight.

After the talk had concluded we were taken on a tour of the college and shown its extensive facilities, including the gym, punt house, library, common rooms and study areas, grounds and dining hall. We then stayed in the dining hall and were provided with lunch, which surpassed all expectations, before making our way back to the lecture room for a sample lecture.

The sample lecture was given by a pair of post-graduate students, each working towards a PhD in Biology, specifically related to human DNA. This session provided a helpful insight into the process of learning and applying knowledge in a lecture scenario.

All in all, the day was a great success and I and the other students present found it to be a very informative and helpful trip.

Dillon Bishop, Year 12


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