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On the 15th July our Year 8 students took part in a Business Enterprise Day. The day was based loosely around the TV format ‘Dragons Den’.

Working in groups they were asked to come up with a product that would somehow ‘Save the Planet’.

They had to prepare a presentation about their chosen idea which included designs and how the product would be produced. They had to work out the finances, how much it would cost to make and what it would sell for. Marketing and Advertising was also considered – some groups made TV adverts, as well as posters, slogans and logos.

They then had to make their ‘pitch’ to some Business Dragons (Business people invited in from the local area).  The ‘Dragons’ had been helping the students during the course of the morning to help them with their research, give advice and to ask them some difficult questions!

There were some wonderful ideas – including a robotic ‘whale’ that sucked up plastic from the sea, ‘service stations’ for bees, solar panelled cases for phones, computer gaming consoles powered by static bikes, phone apps that helped with recycling to name but a few.

The students worked really well, it was great to see them negotiating within their teams and it was especially lovely to see students getting up and making their pitch to the whole year group – such a challenging thing to do.

Well done to A Salkend, H Kirby, F Brown and E Akrill from 8LC for being the team chosen by the Dragons as the company they would most likely invest in for their ‘Supreme, Green ‘n’ Clean’ wooden shampoo dispenser!

And a big thankyou to our Business Dragons for taking time out of their businesses to inspire future generations!

H Turton

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