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Friday morning our Sixth Form students studying Business Studies, Information Technology, Digital Media and LIBF were given an entrepreneurialism talk from Chris Broome of Longhurst.
In organisation with Gaia Innovation and Silverstone Park, this inspirational talk covered the skills and characteristics of being an entrepreneur and linked to digital marketing and branding; both key elements of the A-Level courses our students are completing.
Quotes from students:-
"I felt he was fun and relatable" Kian Folwell
"I enjoyed his style of presentation" James Freeman
"it was interesting" Charys Bradshaw
"he had a nice attitude" Chloe Palmer
"i think he kept me interested and kept me entertained" Brandon Wiliams
2019 11 22 Chris Broome L4L School Visit 06 2019 11 22 Chris Broome L4L School Visit 06

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