Head Boy & Girl

Head Boy - Sam Butler
Head Girl - Cara Newton

Deputy Head Girl - Anya Crighton
Deputy Head Boy - Dillon Bishop

Sixth Form Prefects

Year 12 Prefects

Holly Adams
Lucy-Kate Anderson
Milly Ayres
Emily Blakeney
Louis Freer
Grace Hawkins
Chloe Marriage
Amelia Martin
Jacob Moreton
Tom Perks
Millie Rees
Macy Robinson
Emily Rogers
Elizabeth Rowland
Chloe Savage
Anna Travella

Year 13 Prefects

Olivia Adams
Salma El Ammari
Helen Emery
Kyle Fox
Martha Fraser
Millie Harding
Chloe Holder
Becky Jenkins
Ellie Massey
Rhiannon Raggett
Maddy Walters-Nicholson
Hannah Webber
Lucy Wood

Sixth Form Representatives (Uganda October 2018)

Sara Bakusova
Theo Morris
Isabella O’Dell
Maddie Walters-Nicholson
Hannah Webber

Sixth Form Representatives (World Challenge July 2018)

Sam Butler - Headboy


My name is Sam Butler and I am the Head Boy at Sponne School. I am currently studying here in the Sixth Form. Sixth Form is an option many people will be considering after they have finished their GCSE exams, and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. The Sixth Form at Sponne is a very effective and enjoyable form of further education, and the Sixth Form Team have helped me to develop in more ways than one. Academically, Sponne pushes all of their students, regardless of what level they are currently working at. Any form of learning is adapted by the excellent staff here to suit the students, allowing them to grow, succeed and achieve.

I joined Sponne in year 10, and the transition between my two schools was very smooth, due to the excellent support from the staff. This really highlighted the fact that every member of the school has the students’ wellbeing at the forefront of their minds. This is a key aspect of the school, and the teachers and support staff truly inspire us to reach our full potential, which made my move to the school very simple. If moving to Sponne is an option for any student, regardless of what year they are in, it is the best possible option for them.

The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities across a variety of fields within the school. There are a variety of after school clubs available to all students, as well opportunities for students to excel in many ways. I have taken part in CSLA since year 10, which has allowed me to organise and offer sport activities for children in numerous different primary schools. For many of these students, this is their first experience of being in a secondary school, and it is very exciting for them. The school sports teams are also very enjoyable. I have also been the in the school’s football team and the school’s rugby team. As a whole, Sponne has always been very good at sports, with many teams actually winning leagues and competitions. Although winning is a great achievement, the participation alone is very rewarding, and allows students to bond and interact with fellow students, which is very important for everyone in the school.

Sponne has many opportunities available for students which have no academic benefit, but are still very important. The school runs a ski trip, which I have been a part of for a number of years. It allows students to interact with teachers in a different way, and can also help to strengthen bonds, and also introduce new ones. As well as the ski trip, the school offers a number of trips and activities which all students can look forward to. World Challenge has been an amazing opportunity for me, along with a small number of other students. We are lucky enough to have been chosen to take the trip of a lifetime to go to Nepal for a month and take part in many fun and challenging activities. Without the schools support, none of us would be able to go on this trip, which is something that will stay with us forever.

As a whole, I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Sponne. The support that has been offered to me all the way through my life here has been outstanding, along with the overall quality of teaching. They have great facilities and a wide number of resources that have allowed to me succeed both academically and socially. Moving to this school was a decision that I would not change at all, and I would encourage anyone else to come to Sponne School.

Cara Newton – Headgirl


I’ve enjoyed every minute at Sponne ever since I came as a year 7 all the way through till sixth form. I’ve always felt welcomed and included and I truly believe there is something for everyone here, we have a range of high class facilities and clubs so that everyone can feel represented and involved. Clubs include the Debating Society, book club, the mental health stigma programme and all of our ranges of sports clubs means there is something for everyone. One thing everyone can get behind is our school musicals which bring a variety of age groups together to do incredible performances such as beauty and the beast and Les Misérables. These amazing shows sell out every night in show week as the entire school gets behind and supports the cast; which represents our large sense of community and belongingness as a school. It shows how all age groups can come together to create something magical that’s entertaining to watch. All students and staff work as a society so everyone is included and represented and the range of friendships you’ll make are complimentary of the sense of togetherness the school has as a whole.

As well as our many sports clubs which range from table tennis to athletics and even kayaking and skiing, we have other clubs and programmes that involve other skills. Coming into sixth form I was amazed by the range of extra-circular and how easy it was to find something that I was compatible with. The Debating Society was something that really interested me and it uses my competitive side in an intellectual way. It’s taught me great people and communication skills and has greatly boosted my confidence and taught me how to speak in front of a crowd about something I’m passionate about.  And on top of all that I’m constantly learning about current affairs and discussing various view points and developing my ideas of the world around us. Something I was also excited to join was the mental health stigma awareness programme which has taken us across to other schools in the county to discuss changes that could be made and how to improve the welfare of all students from ages 11-18 in a school environment. Joining this made me feel included and liberated as we all spoke about something we were all passionate about and it’s important to feel like you’re making a change. Any extra-circular or groups you join create not only a community within a community but they look brilliant on a UCAS application which demonstrates that you’re different and you stand out from other applicants.

 Joining sixth form seemed like the scariest thing in year 11, horror stories get passed down the school and you hear that the jump up to sixth form is almost impossible; however this is never as bad as you hear. The sixth form team are so supportive and teachers are more understanding and your relationship with your teachers is more personal. Sponne offers a range of people who are available to help you with any problems no matter how big or small. Sixth form gives you great independence and gives you your own time to work in study periods, and it is important that time is spent wisely just so you are all up-to-date with your work, this is key for sixth form success. Sponne is great for helping you in later life as well as helping you succeed in GCSE’s and A levels, including apprenticeship workshops, UCAS events, personal statement and CV writing and careers meetings. The team  are supportive and inclusive in all aspects and help you find what’s best for you after your exams; this is different from other schools and gives you the best chance for after school success.

Sponne offers great opportunities such as World Challenge for sixth form students which I and 15 other students are going on for a month in Nepal. We have to raise £4000 each and arrange our itinerary, which includes a 12 day mountain trek and helping a community project. This will be a great opportunity which we are really excited about, it combines physical challenges with mental and emotional barriers which together help us gain important life skills. Sponne offers unique and life changing experiences like these that make our personal statements stand out but also help us grow and thrive as young adults. Sponne is unlike your average sixth form and offers great opportunities, a wide range of support, and a home outside of home for students. I honestly don’t think I can recommend it enough and I feel very lucky to have attended such an amazing school for the past 6 years.

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