British Schools Karting Championships Practice


The BSKC starts off with the first event which is a practice session. This is where the competing teams get a chance to try out the circuit and the race format, before that local finals race on March 15th. The event is made up of teams of three students, with each driving in a 15 minutes practice session, then a final session which is a practice race. There was one other team waiting as the Sponne team of Monica, Mia and Guy arrived. We were a little concerned, as a couple of the other teams drivers have competed with Monica at Daytona Milton Keynes. We assumed that there might not be other teams entering. How wrong we were, as one school arrived entering a total of 4 teams. As we casually chatted with the schools Headmaster, it transpires that they are a local school, with many of their drivers clearly familiar with the circuit. Things had suddenly become serious, and we were all inwardly thinking that this adventure might be over before it had begun.

The practice started with Monica taking the wheel. The heats would be 6 karts on track, one Sponne driver, one from the first school, and 4 others from the local school. Monica was taking a while to warm-up, but managed to get her lap time down under 1 minute, but not yet her personal best. The most worrying aspect is that Monica was only third fastest out of the 6. Next up was Guy. He did well, finding a quick line and also getting down to around the 1 minute lap time, but yet again was third in his heat. Last up was Mia, who was spurred on early in her practice session by a bold overtaking move, to set her personal best time and round out her session in second place. It looked like we were going to struggle to find a competitive edge and do our efforts justice.

The next stage was the final practice session, which was run in a race format, again between six drivers. Monica started off again in the first race, in the middle of the pack in third. The start was hectic, with Monica spinning at the second corner causing a red flag. From there she tried to hold on to 4th, but slipped backward to 5th. However, Monica’s race craft and experience stood her in good stead. With one driver given a Black Flag and having to take a drive through penalty, then the leaders tripping over each other into the penultimate corner, Monica was able to fight her way back into 2nd. From there she reeled in 1st place and was able to hold on to win her race. She was rightly happy with her performance.

Things were looking up.

Next up was Guy. After a close opening couple of laps Guy and James Bruce, one of Monica’s fellow Daytona racers, had broken away. Guy harried James and eventually got past him for the lead. James kept him honest through the remainder of the race, but Guy kept his cool, and James only served as a distraction up to the chequered flag.

That’s two wins from two. This put Mia under some pressure, but in truth, had this been the actual Local Race Event, Sponne would be looking at an easy event win, albeit as long as Mia didn’t come last. Mia’s race started well, she was fighting well in 2nd. Unfortunately 3rd and 4th were closing. In an aggressive tussle, Mia was squeezed out and come off worst out of the three racers. Sometimes that’s how the chips fall when you need a bit of luck. For much of the race Mia held the second fastest lap and a significant improvement on her personal best lap time. Mia did well keeping in touch with the leading pack, and stayed with them on the lead lap and finishing overall 4th.

This was a great team result for Sponne and sets them up well for the Local Race in March. They can come away from the practice event with their heads held high and with a phycological edge on the other teams. Our main worry now is the local school with 4 teams. They have a strategic performance advantage going forward. The team configuration doesn’t need to be declared until the start of the race. This allows them to select their 3 fastest drivers from the 12 present. Our top trump is that we have set down the marker, with three great performances. We are the team that they need to beat.

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