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On Wednesday 8th May we held a Level 2 Archery competition for years 3&4. The leaders had to do some training before they arrived, that consisted of how to score the different events, show the children how to do the events and how to set up the different events. We partnered up and had a go ourselves.  It was harder than it looked but loads of fun!

The year 3&4s arrived at about 4pm and were very excited.  All the schools went on an event and had a practise until it was time to start the competition. When it started David told them how each event was going to work, he then split them all up into groups. Each school went one at a time and did their best to score as many points as they could.  When they had all their arrows, they sat down and watched the other schools.

At the end of the evening the schools were called up one by one to collect their certificates to take back to their school. The winners were Staverton Primary School and have qualified for the Level 3 School Games Competition on the 11th July at Moulton College.

By Mia Black





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