Summer School

As Summer holiday destinations were limited this year, we brought different holiday destinations to Sponne in our Summer School.  Between Monday 16th August and Thursday 19th August some of our new Year 7 students took part in a range of activities of each day that  were based around different holiday destinations (France, Italy, the Americas and the UK). 

Based around a different country each day, students completed art, history, geography, sporting  and cooking activities with functional literacy and numeracy activities woven through.  Each day students developed their communication and team working skills as they  worked  in groups to cook their own lunches and snacks (including pizza, fajitas, croque monsieur).  

We also had two excursions: one to the Towcester Museum and the other alpaca trekking. 


Cooking ingredients 214.32
Alpaca trekking 350
Museum 65
Cucina 57
Staffing 3706.52
Total cost 4392.84 
Non Recoverables  
Ingredients 33.84  
Staffing 538.20 
Total  572.04


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