Year 7 Catch Up

Year 7 catch-up funding was used to help those students that arrive at Sponne School with a scaled score below 100 in English and/or maths. The aim was to support these students in a variety of ways to achieve a satisfactory level of progress. Although there are no clear guidelines on what is expected, based on our assessment process, we aim to move students to a grade 1 based on the new grading system.

This was achieved through small group teaching and support along with 1:1 sessions by dedicated members of staff in each faculty. There was also additional time and support during tutor time in which 15 minute short, sharp teaching sessions took place.

  • 31 students had a score below 100 in maths
  • 26 students had a score below 100 in reading
  • 33 students had a score below 100 in English GPS
  • There were 14 students that were below a scaled score of 100 in both English and maths.

All of these students received a new baseline test to ensure that the Key Stage 2 data was accurate.


From September 2018 – 34 students received focused support in English in specific teaching groups supported by the Faculty Progress Coordinator. The Ruth Miskin ‘Fresh Start’ programme was used to aid students’ phonics and comprehension alongside curriculum English. Students’ starting points were low and hence it was felt that this transition element needed to underpin the current work of the English department. The Ruth Miskin programme was rolled out across all secondary schools within the SWAN partnership with a large number of staff being trained in the delivery to offer a longer term solution to support these students upon arrival into year 7. By the end of the year, 28 students had achieved a grade 1 or above. Based on reading ages, 9 students made considerable improvements with one student increasing by 2 years from their initial starting point.

In maths, 31 students arrived below 100 in maths. From their starting points, 22 students achieved a grade 1 or above. Of these, 9 scored above Grade 1. When individual test scores are noted, virtually all of the group were performing higher on the post-tests compared to the pre-test. Retention is a key issue and is something that maths have been focusing on. The mastery curriculum in year 7 will continue for a number of these students as they move up the school to assist in recall of key information and processes.

Total funding: £8900 which was for two members of staff to specifically work with these students.


Funding will remain the same for the new academic year although the number of students is different. There has been no change to funding guidance. Any student scoring below 100 in either English or maths will be considered to be within the catch-up parameters and baseline tests reinforce which students are prioritised. There are no plans for SAT exams to be re-sat and therefore alternative means are used to monitor progress including reading ages, progress from baseline assessments, Ruth Miskin assessments and number age tests.

  • 42 students scored lower than 100 on the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Assessment or had no score
  • 47 students scored lower than 100 on the Reading Assessment or had no score
  • 41 students scored lower than 100 on the Maths Assessment.

Of these, 20 students scored lower than 100 in all 3 areas although 7 students have no score.

A rigorous tracking and monitoring process will be in place to assist in identifying levels of progress. Small group and 1:1 support will be provided both within lessons and also at tutor time where 15 minute sessions will take place.

Funding: The Faculty Progress Co-ordinators will once again have specific classes identified students in. Each group will receive 6 hours of teaching in each subject aimed at accelerated progress from the lower starting point. This will provide a greater level of support and will also avoid students missing other subjects. English will again follow the Ruth Miskin scheme whilst maths will follow a mastery curriculum.

Year 7 Catch-Up Review will take place in September 2020

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