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British Science WeekNational shutdowns were no match for our budding Sponne Scientists ! 

With over 400 year 7 and 8 students taking part in this year's British Science Week activities, Sponne students showed that no amount of shutdown can stop their progress in Science.

Students were fully engaged in a two-week long project in which they constructed their own scientific apparatus, recorded and analysed data, and all complemented with research and development tasks - and all completed during our most recent lockdown.

Students were required to construct a fully functioning and accurate rain gauge, then use it to record rainfall data during the start of March. They then used this data to predict monthly rainfall and compare to previous years, looking for patterns and trends as they did so. 

Having evaluated the design of their equipment, students then took their designs further through the application of modern and innovative technology and ideas to enable the equipment to be used in remote and hostile environments. 

No doubt buoyed by the promise of prizes of Easter eggs and oodles of Sponne Sparks, a good range of designs and ideas, presented using a range of styles from newspaper reports to formal presentations, prizes were given per tutor group for Science content, artistic merit, and an overall best in class. Two deserving pupils each received a £10 Amazon voucher for best in year7 and best in year 8, and everyone who returned a worthy effort was rewarded with praise, appreciation, and of course, plenty of sparks !

Mr Fleming.

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