On Saturday 16th of June I took part in the  Rotary Club Young Designer Competition final at De Monfort University. It was an amazing experience with the chance to see wonderful designs from GCSE and A Level students from all over the district.

We arrived at the venue at 8:00AM and we were all allocated a table  where we set up our exhibits, I added my sauces to my sauce caddies and put up my display board. We were then given time ,while other people were arriving, to have a look at the other exhibits in the competition. There were 3D models of wedding venues, a Mary Poppins costume and meerkat enclosures, apple presses,  sweet dispensers, bike storage areas, lamps, tables and chairs, dresses, skirts, jackets, wind chimes, docking stations, disability walking aids and temporary shelters for refugees.

At 9:15 we were all taken to a lecture room and told about the competition and that we would be visited by three sets of judges who would assess our projects.

I felt nervous when the judges came around, but they were very friendly and gave us lots of praise for our designs. They also told us ways to improve our designs which was really helpful. The judges asked us questions about the cost, the materials we used and how our projects will affect social, moral and environmental issues.

Other people came around to look at the designs too so the judging was not finished until 1:00pm.

Afterwards we were all taken to the lecture hall again and watched the presentations of the young artist and photography competitions while the judges were discussing the results.

After the judges had made their final decisions the presentation of the awards began. Unfortunately I did not win an award but many of the other wonderful designs did, for example ‘The Temporary Shelter for Refugees’ by Lucy Ring from Leicester Grammar School won a prize because her product was environmentally friendly.

Although it was a long day, I had an amazing time and it was a great experience because I now have lots of new ideas for future projects. I would definitely recommend going to have a look at the exhibits as I thoroughly enjoyed the competition.

Millie Rees


Sponne School

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