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CC4 Access Instructions

Home School Link

Welcome to the Home School link page. This technology enables you to access the school network from your own PC anywhere in the world and is available to both staff and students alike. In order to get the full benefit from this facility, please read the notes on this page carefully.

Remote Access - CC4 Access

You can access school programs and documents by clicking on this link.

When the login screen comes up, please enter your normal network username and password.

( only your normal school username is accepted, please do not use your email address as this will NOT work )

Once logged in, you will then see the following window. Click the CC4Access icon to download the launcher file.

cc4 icon

Once downloaded, you should see a file called cpub-CC4Access... in your downloads folder ( This file should appear in the downloads bar at the bottom of the screen if using chrome )

cc4 file

Click the file and another login box should appear.

CC4 Access - Support

    If you see the following box, then enter sponneschool\ before typing your username.


Once you are logged in, you will see a pop up window asking you to choose your location. If you do not select a location from this window, then the shared drives will not be accessible. 


Once the location has been selected ( Main Site can be used ) click OK.

Apple Mac users

You will need to download the latest version of Microsoft Remote Desktop. Remove any old versions first and then go to the App Store and search 'Microsoft Remote Desktop' or click here.

Once this is installed, your download from our site should open in this new version and you can login.



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