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Welcome To Sponne School

A very warm welcome to Sponne School.

We work hard to ensure that learning is at the centre of all that we do and are very proud of the achievements of our current and past students. The examination results in 2016 were outstandingly high as has become the norm here at Sponne. Congruatulations to you all for achieving so well. Sponne is a vibrant learning environment and we encourage all of our students to actively engage in all that we offer. Many events take place in addition to our ‘normal’ planned lessons and details for some of these can be found on our website.

I hope that you will find helpful information on our website but do contact us if you would like any further details.




Izzie Rees (7RB) made this cake for her English homework, to represent the difficulties that soldiers had to face, when living in the trenches.WELL DONE IZZIE, a superb piece of work!



Sponne String Octet

On Sunday 21st May, the Sponne String Octet (Year 10) won their class at the Northampton Festival of Music for the fourth year in a row. Not only that, they also won the Lady Annaly Cup for the first time.

Dedicated musicians - they rehearse and attend in their own time, and help to promote Sponne as a centre of musical excellence.

Well done everyone!


Stepping Up To Sponne In September?

As your child starts their final term at Primary School, your thoughts will naturally be turning to their forthcoming transfer to Sponne in September. In order to make this a welcoming experience, and to answer as many questions as we can for you in advance, we will be visiting your child in their primary setting over the next few months.

An Information Booklet will be given out at this time; it can also be downloaded here 

Sponne Brass Band & Jazz Orchestra

Congratulations to members of Sponne Brass Band and Sponne Jazz Orchestra. Following on from the recent regional heats in the Music for Youth, both groups have been selected to perform in the National Festival of Music for Youth Final in July. This is a fantastic achievement – well done! 

Sponne School awarded Bronze Certificate by the Incorporated Society of Musicians

Sponne has been awarded the ISM / ISM Trust’s Bronze Certificate. This means that more than 10% of the whole Yr 11 cohort achieved an A* to C in GCSE music. The students who do take music continue to achieve exceptionally higher than the national average with 100% achieving A* -C and of that 52% achieving A* or A grades in Music GCSE.
Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of the ISM – the professional body for musicians – congratulated the school, saying:

‘We are delighted to recognise Sponne’s achievement in music and celebrate the commitment to music education shown by the school in their high uptake and high achievement of pupils’.

‘Music is a valuable subject, it brings value in itself to pupils as well as supporting achievement in other subjects. Music also opens doors and generates educational opportunities for pupils from all backgrounds. We are delighted that Sponne values music within their school curriculum and as the professional body for musicians and a subject association for music education, we are delighted to recognise this high level of achievement with this certificate.’