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Les Miserables rehearsals

Les Mis Rehearsals

Rehearsals this week:

Wednesday 15th May
All cast required until 4pm and then the listed people after that until 5pm
No 18 One Day More  - all cast
No 28 Marius  and Cosette/ Valjean
No 30 Epilogue  All cast and Valjean/Fantine/Cosette/Marius/Eponine
No 2 At  the End of the Day

From 4pm
No 15 Rue Plumet - Cosette/Valjean /Marius/Eponine
No 16 - A heart full of Love Marius/Cosette/Eponine
No 17 Attack on Rue Plumet  - Thenardier's gang/Eponine/Marius/Valjean/CosetteNo 3  I dreamed a Dream - Fantine
No 5 Cart Crash
No 6 - Fantines Death - Fantine and Valjean

Thursday  - lunchtime  - 1.25 - hall
No 7 Little Cosette - Little Cosette and Mde Thenardier

Friday 17th May
All cast required until 4pm and then the listed people after that until 5pm
No 1 Prologue - chain gang /Javert/Valjean/Farmers wife/Bishop/Constables
No 9 The Bargain -  - Thenardiers and Valjean
No 10 The Beggars - All cast
No 11 The Robbery - Thenardiers/MArius/Eponine/Valjean/Javert
No 13 ABC cafe
No 14 - The People's Song - all cast

From 4pm
No 19- Building the Barricade - Enjolras/JAvert/Marius/eponine
No 20 Javert at the Barricade  All the student revolutionaries/Javert/Valjean/Eponine/Gavroche
No 21 The First attack All the student revolutionaries/Javert/Valjean
No 22 The Night All student revolutionaries + Gavroche and student girlfriends
No 23 The Second attack All student revolutionaries + Gavroche + Valjean
No 24 The Final Battle All student revolutionaries Valjean
No 27 The cafe Song - Students

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