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The Learning Support Faculty

At Sponne we are committed to providing an inclusive learning experience for all our students so that they all can make the best possible progress. The Learning Support Faculty works to ensure teachers are kept well informed about the needs of the young people they are teaching. This enables all teaching staff to take full responsibility for planning a curriculum that is accessible to all.  The Learning Support Faculty is led by Mrs Yvonne Farrell, the SENCo.

Students from across the ability range may need support at different stages during their time at Sponne.  Difficulties may include literacy, numeracy, study skills or personal organisation. Students may also experience a range of medical conditions or personal circumstances that require additional support. Support is provided in a variety of ways to ensure the individual student’s needs are met.

  • We have a dedicated SEN classroom where students with literacy difficulties are taught in small groups and where curriculum support is offered to KS4 SEN students.
  • We have a small team of Learning Facilitators who work alongside students and teachers in some lessons ensuring students achieve their best.
  • Homework Club is run over three lunch times and additionally three after school sessions each week where students can come and have support to complete tasks and use computers.
  • Support for students who require a quieter environment at busy times to eat their lunch and socialise is provided by the school’s Lead Learning Facilitator for Social Communication Needs, who also individually mentors some of our students who have Autistic Spectrum Difficulties.
  • For identified students careful assessments are undertaken to establish if they require exam access arrangements and a thorough history of need is collated.

If you would like to discuss your child’s learning needs please contact Mrs Farrell, the SENCo.

Inclusion Support

Young people can be faced with different problems and pressures as they get older. The issues they face may not be the same as those parents faced at their age. We can’t pretend these things are not happening and neither can they. We need to keep communication open about the risks they may be taking and the pressure they may feel under. By working together we can help young people to focus on their future goals, stay positive and keep on track to make the most of their future. We recognise that students may need additional support to help their emotional well-being, behaviour and learning.

Inclusion Support encompasses provision for behaviour/emotional support as well as dedicated learning support which are based in The House’. It also includes internal isolation, based in H3.

Jacqui Goodall - Inclusion Support Manager
Indira Broschat - Student Welfare Support Manager
Karen Duffy - Learn Co-ordinator 
Lorraine English - Behaviour Co-ordinator
Michelle Walker - Behaviour Support Assistant
Julie Carmichael - Behaviour Support Assistant 
Claire Higginbottom - Learning Mentor

The primary objective of the Inclusion Team is to ensure each student gets a consistent and positive experience at whatever stage of their progression by promoting positive behaviour, supporting them with their education along with their emotional wellbeing.

We support students to learn the skills that allow them to take control of their own behaviour by using more appropriate ways of managing, moderating and expressing their emotions and resolving conflict. We provide various individual support and group sessions to students

When students have good social and emotional skills they are more likely to:

  • Be effective and successful learners
  • Manage strong feelings such as frustration, anger and anxiety


  • Teaching and support programmes tailored to the needs of students with behavioural and emotional needs
  • Isolation – Students removed to work in isolation (H3)
  • Withdrawal – Students withdrawn from lessons for behaviour support and/or learning support
  • Reintegration – Students supported on gradual return to lessons to help them with their emotional/behavioural needs
  • Reinforce and support the skills and systems of inclusion and behaviour management throughout school

We work closely with the Senior Management Team, The Parent Support Advisor, Progress and Faculty Learning Leaders to ensure that students get the support they need to make their time at Sponne successful.

Contact Details for Inclusion Support are; Mrs Goodall or telephone 01327 350284 ext 234

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