Science Faculty


At Sponne we have an enthusiastic, forward thinking faculty with a focus on active learning. Staff have high expectations of themselves, each other and the students.

The faculty is housed in the science or ‘S’ block which has nine laboratories. We have 13 teaching staff, a dedicated Learning Facilitator, a progress coordinator and 3 skilled technicians.

Our students will experience a curriculum that is rich in practical activity and opportunities for scientific investigation to enhance the theory which is taught by subject specialists.

We want students to excel in science, to be enthused by what they are learning so that they are motivated. We would like them to interact and collaborate in the classroom as well as to being reflective and continually review their science learning.

We endeavour to inspire our students and hope that they will develop a desire for lifelong scientific learning allowing them to develop understanding to explain real life, natural occurrences and learn how scientific ideas contribute to developments in technology. We want to help equip them with the information and tools needed to make the correct decisions in real situations and encourage enquiry and investigation of scientific ideas.

Key Stage 3

Science is taught in mixed ability groups in line with the National Curriculum covering a range of topics from Biology Chemistry and Physics. In both years 7 and 8 there are 12 units of work (4 per science specialism). Each unit if formally assessed. At the end of the Key Stage exam contributes towards setting at GCSE.

Year 7 Topics
• Cells Tissues and Organs • Mixtures and Separations • Energy
• Sexual Reproduction • Acids and Alkalis • Current electricity
• Muscles and Bones • The Particle Model • Forces
• Ecosystems • Atoms, elements and molecules • Sound
Year 8 Topics
• Food and Nutrition • Combustion • Fluids
• Plants and their reproduction • The Periodic Table • Light
• Breathing and Respiration • Metals and their Uses • Energy Transfers
• Unicellular organisms • Rocks • Earth and Space

Key Stage 4

In science we follow the Pearson Edexcel Combined Science 1-9 and Separate Sciences specifications at GCSE. All GCSE courses are now terminally assessed and so examinations are taken at the end of Year 11. There are 2 exam papers in each of biology, chemistry and physics.

The Combined Course Examined Content is as follows:-

Biology Paper 1Biology Paper 2

Topic 1 – Overarching concepts in biology,

Topic 2 – Cells and control,

Topic 3 – Genetics,

Topic 4 – Natural selection & genetic modification,

Topic 5 – Ecosystems and material cycles

Topic 1 – Overarching concepts in biology,

Topic 6 – Plant structures and their functions,

Topic 7 – Animal coordination, control & homeostasis,

Topic 8 – Exchange and transport in animals,

Topic 9 – Health, disease & medicines

Chemistry Paper 1Chemistry Paper 2

Topic 0 – Formulae, equations and hazards,

Topic 1 – Overarching concepts in chemistry: Topic 2 -

States of matter,

Topic 3 – Separating and purifying substances

Topic 4 – Acids

Topic 5 – Obtaining and using metals

Topic 6 – Electrolytic processes

Topic 7 – Reversible reactions and equilibria

Topic 0 – Formulae, equations and hazards,

Topic 1 – Overarching concepts in chemistry:

Topic 12 – Groups 1, 7 and 0

Topic 13 – Rates of reaction

Topic 14 – Fuels

Topic 15 – Heat energy changes in chemical reactions

Physics Paper 1Physics Paper 2

Topic 1 – Overarching concepts in physics:

Topic 2 – Waves

Topic 3 – Light & the electromagnetic spectrum

Topic 4 – Particle model – 1

Topic 5 – Radioactivity

Topic 6 – Astronomy

Topic 1 – Overarching concepts in physics:

Topic 7 – Energy - Forces doing work

Topic 8 – Forces and their effects

Topic 9 – Electricity and circuits

Topic 11 – Magnetism and the motor effect

Topic 13 – Particle model – 2

Topic 14 – Forces and matter

Sixth Form

We offer A Level Biology (AQA), Chemistry (Salters’ OCR B) and Physics (OCR A) as well as an BTEC Science course for those that wish a more vocational entry to sciences. Science subjects are very popular at sixth form and results are outstanding.

Extra Activities

We are a Music and Science Academy and we do offer additional enrichment opportunities.

KS3 Science Club runs every fortnight on a Thursday and Friday lunchtime where students have the chance to take part in different science investigations.

As a supportive faculty and there are numerous regular and frequent interventions for all Key Stages, that take place to support and guide our students.

We also present exciting assemblies during Science Week and run a career focussed sixth form science fayre for Yr12 scientists to give some post-16 hands on science opportunities.

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