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As parents/carers you play an important role in supporting your child's Careers development. Talking to your child about your career journey and the roles you have had helps them to understand the different routes into careers, the options available and raise your child’s aspirations.

As a parent/carer you can expect to get information about Careers opportunities and events via the school newsletter, social media and emails/letters. Our independent careers advisor attends some parent’s evening and results days and you can meet with them or request a meeting for your child by contacting 

Students all have access to Unifrog, an online platform to help them explore their interests, career ideas, record activities and competencies, search for apprenticeship and university opportunities as well as find ‘know how’ guides on topics as diverse as mental health and green careers. Ask them to log in and show you!

Students have careers lessons during both their PSHE lessons and tutorial time:


PSHE Lessons

Tutorial Sessions


Growing careers for positive change

Exploring different sectors


Making choices & exploring careers

Self awareness


Employability skills

Skills for Careers


Preparing for Work Experience

Personal Branding/Health & Safety at Work


Next steps, pathways and choices

Managing transitions

6th Form

Next steps & networking

Future choices

The Parent Perspective Podcast

“The Parent Perspective” is an exciting podcast series for parents and carers, helping them to support their children with careers advice and guidance. Click the links below to listen.

Episode 1: The Choice
Episode 2: The Support
Episode 3: The Money
Episode 4: The Open Mind
Episode 5: The Emotions
Episode 6: The Versatility

Other Links

Below are some useful websites you can use to help support your child and/or increase your own understanding of careers:

The Spark App gives students unique career opportunities and information in the palm of their hand. To find out more, click here 

NGTU is the #1 website for school and college leavers. Search thousands of jobs, opportunities and apprenticeships in the UK and find your perfect fit!

To find out more, click here 

Youth Employment UK is a leading organisation working to change the youth employment landscape for young people in the UK aged 16-24.

To find out more, click here 

We provide careers information, advice and guidance. We can help you to make decisions on learning, training and work at all stages in your career.

To find out more, click here 

Bringing together careers information and opportunities from creative organisations in one explorable directory.

To find out more, click here 

Giving millions of people the skills, knowledge and confidence they need for work with tools, tips and learning resources.

To find out more, click here 

We guide millions of students to make the right choice. Match your skills and personality to 400+ job profiles.

To find out more, click here 

UCAS connects people to University, post Uni studies including teacher training, apprenticeships & internships. Find all the information for your next step.

To find out more, click here 

The latest news, jobs and career advice to help you land your dream role in the sports industry.

To find out more, click here

A place for anyone interested in finding out more about careers in retail. Learn about all the different opportunities, what to expect and how to get started.

To find out more, click here

Here at Property Needs You, we help young people like you find their way into a career in property.

To find out more, click here

As a parent or carer, you want to be able to guide and advise your child towards the best opportunity for them. So, where do you start?

To find out more, click here

To shape skills provision, pathways, capacity and quality resources in the South East Midlands, it is imperative to have relevant and detailed labour market information directly from employers.

To find out more, click here

Get the most from your engineering engagement activity with guidance and information drawn from across the STEM community.To find out more, click here

T Levels are an alternative to A levels, apprenticeships and other 16 to 19 courses. Equivalent in size to 3 A levels, a T Level focuses on vocational skills and can help students into skilled employment, higher study or apprenticeships.

To find out more, click here

Take care of your career and become an apprentice! Apprenticeships offer ways into many health and care jobs. They offer a mix of on-the-job training, classroom learning and, best of all, you earn while you learn.

To find out more, click here

A parents' toolkit for career conversations.

To find out more, click here

 Help your child search and apply for apprenticeships with our Parent Pack

The Parents’ Guide to University has been produced by in collaboration with HELOA - to help you, as a parent or guardian, to support your young person with their higher education decisions.Editorial has been provided by over 40 colleagues at universities throughout the UK. On topics including student finance, university applications, university events, student wellbeing and more.

Success at School University Guide 2023/24

Download THIS guide to find all the information you need to support your child in making a successful application to university.

Covering everything from UCAS to accommodation to studying abroad, this guide will help you and your children think through everything they need to consider including expert, first-hand advice from universities and employers

Awards Programme

The Medic Mentor Awards Programme

The Awards Programme is for Year 10-13 students who want to become Doctors, Dentists and Vets. Students who achieve their Gold Award will be considered for a £12,000 University Scholarship. 

To find out more, click here

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